Cambridge Nutraceuticals INTRODUCES 2 NEW PRODUCTS

At Cambridge Nutraceuticals, we are now working on developing some exciting new botanical products, the first two of which we launched in April 2015.

In addition to Ateronon HEART, we now added:

Ateronon XY and Ateronon ACTIVE

Both these products are defined with our trade mark clinically-proven bioavailability and well documented health benefits to help our customers live active and healthy lives.

  • Ateronon XY formulated with bioavailable lactolycopene, is aimed at male customers who recognise there are many scientific studies relating to the health benefits of high lycopene levels in the body.
  • Ateronon ACTIVE formulated with curcumin a powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant originateing from the spice turmeric. The secret of this product is that it is 30 times more absorbable that dietary turmeric. Although this product is aimed at sports recovery, many customers are aware of the many health claims for curcumin.
  • With our commitment to more research and development, expect more exciting new products before the end of the year.


Until the advent of Ateronon Heart Health, the stumbling block for many health supplements had been how to improve absorption of the outsized natural lycopene molecules within the human body.

Ateronon Heart Health is a capsule that contains LactoLycopene, a specially prepared form of lycopene. Lycopene is the red pigment found, for example, in sun-ripened tomato skins. It is the main antioxidant component of the Mediterranean diet – the lycopene molecule itself is a relatively complex crystalline structure that is quite difficult to absorb.

However, in the Mediterranean diet, the act of cooking tomatoes in olive oil makes the lycopene more easily absorbed and, therefore, more bioavailable. Mimicking this action, the lycopene in Ateronon has been specially combined with a whey protein to form LactoLycopene, making it a less complex structure and so highly bioavailable.

Each capsule of Ateronon contains the equivalent amount of lycopene that would be found in 1kg of tomatoes. Studies have shown that taking one capsule a day achieves maximum levels of lycopene within two months, which are then maintained with a daily capsule.

In April 2015, Cambridge Nutraceuticals introduced two new products to its range. Ateronon XY, also based on Lactolycopene, was launched in response to our male customer reports of fewer night-time bathroom trips! We are currently carrying out further research into the potential benefits of Lactolycopene for prostate health.

Ateronon Active is based on a bioavailable form of curcumin, derived from turmeric. The anti-inflammatory benefits of curcumin have been researched and extensively. A recent paper reported for example that Ateronon Active reduces muscle soreness after exercise, enabling athletes and sportspeople to train harder and more often. But like lycopene, curcumin in its raw state is not easily absorbed, and for the wide range of health benefits to be realised, the curcumin needs to be bioavailable – and bioavailable curcumin is what Ateronon Active provides.