A ‘tomato pill’ a day, could keep heart disease at bay.

According to a recent study, a daily supplement of Ateronon, which contains seven milligrams of the tomato ingredient lycopene, can significantly improve the functioning of blood vessels in patients with heart disease. The findings suggest that a powerful antioxidant in tomatoes may contribute to the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.     Read more

Single Ateronon pill contains as much lycopene as more than 2lb of fruit. Pigment gives tomatoes their colour and is credited with many of the Mediterranean diet health benefits. Scientists say pill improves blood vessel health in survivors of heart attac

If you don’t like fruit and veg but want to look after your heart, scientists may have come up with the answer. They have created a ‘tomato pill’ that is bursting with lycopene, the compound credited with many health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. A single Ateronon pill contains as much lycopene – the pigment that gives tomatoes their rich, red colour – as more than 2lb of the fruit.  Read more