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About Ateronon

ateronon-image_1Ateronon Heart Health is “The Tomato Pill”: a unique, natural supplement that helps to maintain healthy heart function.

It is packed with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant derived from tomatoes. In its raw state, lycopene is not readily absorbable, but we have made a natural modification to the lycopene to make it ‘bioavailable’, or easily absorbable.

Our patented Lactolycopene formula, also combining added thiamin and selenium, provides natural protection for your heart.

Supported by research by leading cardiologists, our groundbreaking product has been the subject of scientific studies at Cambridge University UK, and by a team from Harvard Medical School at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Ateronon Heart Health is available from now rebranded as Ateronon Heart.

About Ateronon ACTIVE

ateronon-active-image-2Ateronon ACTIVE introduces the botanical curcumin, derived from the spice turmeric, to our range of health supplements.

Like lycopene, curcumin in its raw state is not easily absorbed by the body. We use a patented formulation of curcumin which is an incredible 30 times more bioavailable than dietary turmeric.

There are many scientific studies investigating the health benefits of curcumin’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties covering health issues ranging from brain to gut to joint health.

Ateronon ACTIVE was launched at Football Medicine Strategies Conference held in London in April 2015, where delegates were able to hear the results of a study using the new formulation of curcumin, by doctors from Spain’s elite national Olympic Training Centre in Barcelona, to treat muscle injury.

Also used by FC Barcelona, the results were so encouraging in reducing a condition known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (‘DOMS’), that we decided to fast-track the launch of the curcumin formulation under the brand name Ateronon ACTIVE.

The studies showed that the compound has a unique capability to reduce pain and inflammation. It is now being used by doctors and physios working at Athletico Bilbao.

Ateronon ACTIVE, now rebranded as Turmeric+, is currently available from our ecommerce site

About Ateronon XY

ateronon-xy-image_1In response to demand from our male customers who had told us about their reduced requirement to get up in the night, we introduced Ateronon XY to our range of products in April 2015. Ateronon XY is based purely on our patented Lactolycopene formula, with no other added active ingredients. Studies at Cambridge University showed it to be a highly bioavailable form of lycopene.

Like Ateronon HEART, Ateronon XY’s LactoLycopene formulation is packed with the equivalent amount of lycopene as found in a 1kg of tomatoes, a powerful antioxidant derived from tomatoes that we have made easy for the body to absorb.

In a study led by an independent Professor of Urology, we are currently conducting a meta analysis looking into the benefits of high lycopene levels in relation to prostate related health issues and specifically Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), the benign condition which can cause excessive night-time WC visits. We will report the outcome of this once it is completed.

Ateronon XY, now rebranded as XY Pro, is available from our ecommerce site,